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About Us


OÜ ATKO Liinid is a company that is a part of Atko Group.

OÜ ATKO Liinid is the largest Järvamaa county line servicer.  Järvamaa Ühistranspordikeskus orders county line services from OÜ ATKO Liinid on routes such as Paide - Türi, Paide - Ardu, Paide - Tapa, Paide - Järva-Jaani etc. Altogether OÜ ATKO Liinid services 36 county lines which makes up 100% of Järvamaa county lines.

The other important field of expertise which OÜ ATKO Liinid thrives on is renting out buses to Estonia and abroad. Renting out buses is an integral part of the company which makes up over 25% of all the bus services that the company provides.

OÜ ATKO Liinid has a wide variety of buses, which have up to 52 seats, to offer in order to service clients locally in the renting department. You can find suitable buses for taking a trip with children, going to the theater or even taking a more luxurious journey somewhere. We also accept orders for going abroad and with the cooperation of the ordering center we can find an answer to any travelling requirements.

OÜ ATKO Liinid has 34 bus drivers in emplyoment in the Paide department who work with 24 buses.